About Us

About Us

The Craft Distillers Association of Nova Scotia (CDANS) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2016 and dedicated to promoting and advocating on behalf of the small, independent distillers within the province.


Full Members

Full Membership is open to those distilleries in Nova Scotia who are are licensed by the NSLC.
They must possess a full-sized, functional still and use it on a regular basis to distill spirits that are subject to excise reporting.

Associate Members

Associate Membership is open to any Nova Scotian distillery, licensed by the NSLC, that does not own and operate their own still and retails products that they have blended using purchased bulk spirits. Associate membership is also open to any entity or organization who has a vested interest in the industry.

• Nova Scotia Spirit Co.
• Black Harbour Distillers
• Nova Scotia Liquor Commission


Contact Us


17 Murdock MacKay Court,
Suite 202,
Lower Sackville NS
B4C 4G3